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How to Beat the Casinos

In order to hit huge pots and outsmart the casino, many players at all times used different methods, including not only pretentious and harmless betting systems but also illegal techniques. All in all, cheating is illegal practice and leads to criminal responsibility. According to Nevada legislation, gambling cheating is a felony. In other areas there cannot be the law regarding casino cheating but any forbidden action at the casinos is fraud.

There are different gambling systems and methods which are not cheating and are allowed by the casino. For instance, today blackjack card counting is legal system at most casinos, but some of them ban visitors who count cards. Below we describe the most popular advantage systems that were used by the gamblers at all times. Don't consider that we encourage you to cheat and the following information is just the additional data which you might find entertaining.

Advanced Cheating

Past posting is very popular technique applied by the gamblers at most games after the results are known. The player who uses this technique is to replace the small chip with the larger one to get profit. As a rule, this method was used at roulette game.

Cards mucking is the popular technique which requires much talent and is very easy to be spotted. The gambler simply switches some of the cards in the hand with the better ones that were previously hidden in pocket or sleeve.

Some of the gamblers use different methods to mark playing cards during the play. It may be done by marking the cards in advance and this method requires the assistance from outside, from the casino staff. Sometimes the con men manage to put the marks on the cards even during the game by banding them. It has to be done very carefully.

At the casino games in which the gamblers participate in the dealing the cards, it is practiced to make the fake deals. All you may need is to train to deal the selected card from the bottom or top of the deck or make the false cut.

Furthermore, at poker the tricksters prefer to play in the team and in such way they may easily outsmart other players by signaling to one another the values of their hands. If there are not attentive or simply not experienced players at the poker game it is easy to watch the cards of the opponents.

As you understand all these cheating methods are used only at the card games and according to the slots rules at this game it is impossible to cheat.

Casino Security

As you understand, many and to tell the truth all cheats may be easily discovered by the casino security staff which does all possible to protect the casino owners from the losses caused by cheats. All the dealers follow the special rules of shuffling and dealing and use only the standard moves. This practice prevents the staff from making the false deals and pandering the tricksters. Most respectable casinos use a great number of special cameras that record all the actions at the casino tables and help to spot the cheaters. At the biggest casinos in Las Vegas the complex security systems can even indicate by the body temperature whether the player is surprised by the win or the success was expected.

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