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Video Poker Tips for All Players

Video poker machines are known for their fairness, because all of them are programmed by a RNG (Random Number Generator) with the help of special microchip that ensure randomness and fairness of the cards what appear on the screen. Due to digital randomness the whole process of the game is considered to be a trustworthy and comprising all features of the traditional game placed in land based casino. This also means that in video poker every card might appear on each hand, so you can always be sure, that the outcome will be unpredictable.

We've collected a bunch of video poker tips to help you understand what to do and what shouldn't if you've decided to play video poker online.

General Video Poker Tips

  • Video Poker machines usually operate with 52 card decks. If you've chosen a Video Poker machine that uses more than one deck at a time - it's better to avoid playing at it, as your gaming odds are decreased significantly.
  • The faster you play - the better chances to win you do have. Tough video poker machines are random - there is always a possibility to outrun the machine. However, you can receive both good and bad cards in response.
  • The faster you play - the faster you recognize cards you need to win. You master your skill of playing game, and in this way, create more winning chances for your future gambling.
  • If you are going to play video poker - you have to manage your bankroll in the right way. You must be able to pay and wager even if you choose to play maximum coin per hand.
  • It is quite important to pick the game correctly among huge variety of video poker types. The traditional video poker games are Jacks and Better, they are widely spread and available in almost every online casino.
  • Improving game strategy - is among other important video poker tips. There are simple strategies available all across the Internet and directly at the sites you've chosen to play. So, learn the simplest one and begin to practice it.
  • It's good to find some practice before you start to play video poker for money. Online you can find an educational video poker software. Such games usually show the mistakes you have made during the game, which is useful if you expect to play further for real money.
  • Always pay attention to poker hands and if allowed - learn them by heart.
  • Search for a good game, however, they are quite hard to find. But believe they are worth trying. Such games contain good payouts of 100.77% and better pay tables.
  • The lower payouts casino offers to you - the faster you'll lose you money, so pick up the casino carefully and look for a machine with at least 99.00% payout percentage. Most casinos know you won't look for a better machine, that's why in one casino can be collected machines with a different house edge - so be careful!
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