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Basic Roulette Rules

Let’s face it: if you play "Roulette 77" to become a millionaire, you will be disappointed. Try to find the fun side of the game. At least at the beginning, as it will be useful to play without the pressure of real money. Moreover, switching to real money playing would be easier afterwards. If you want to feel the thrill of real money playing without losing all your savings, you could try to play at the low rollers tables. Those tables allow you to place bets between $0.1 to $2. Considering the house edge that would never be lower than 93 %, you could say that the potential losses are worth it.

Try the European roulette with 37 numbers for real money. The American Roulette has lower winning chances, considering the 38 numbers; therefore, it is mostly suited for fun playing as the desire to win this game is even higher.

Basic Roulette Spinning

The bets are placed by players at the beginning of the round. Some players are claiming that they could anticipate the winning number by watching the dealer, and calculating the spinning force of the ball. Of course, most of the players who tell this just try to make you believe that they can do that, as it is almost impossible to count the speed of ball, rotating wheel, wage of ball, etc. and on the basis of these data to get to know the result of possible future winnings. We recommend you just to enjoy the process of spinning ball, and try out your possibilities to predict the events that are going to happen.

European and American roulette

Despite their names, the American and the European roulette have the same popularity on both continents. Moreover, there are more US players gambling on the European roulette. The difference is not only given by the extra “00” slot of the American roulette. Besides, there are some differences in existing game rules . “En prison” and “La Partage” help the players, decreasing the house edge at the same time. These rules act as the protection for the half of the bet, and you will not find these rules at American roulette. If you don’t like any of those roulettes, you should pay your attention to the Mini roulette or Royal roulette games.

Roulette Betting Strategy

Playing roulette it is extremely important to follow some of the betting strategies. The matter is that roulette involves players in gambling so much, they can’t just stop playing bets over and over again, and in result they lose more than win. With correct betting method one can play roulette with more chances to win some money in the result of gambling, or at least, not to lose everything he has.

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