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Basic Roulette Betting Systems - General Info

From the very beginning, when the game of roulette was just invented, lots of people tried to reveal some mathematical solutions and effective roulette betting systems which can guarantee the success. Most attempts gave no result and they were soon left behind, yet some of the systems became well-known among the players and even today many roulette gamblers use them during their games. To tell the truth, all these systems are just pure attempts to find a logical way of placing bets in roulette and nothing but lady luck determines whether it’s time for you or not to win. Anyway every roulette player must familiarize with the most widespread roulette betting systems.

Popular Betting Methods

Martingale Betting System

The Martingale Betting Method is among the most famous roulette betting systems in the gambling world. Even some variations of Martingale method were created and tested by many gamblers over the globe. The general idea of the method is that the player always wins as his losses are always covered with the bets he made before. Each time the gambler wins, he places the same bet once again, and when he loses, he should double the bet with the next spin of the roulette wheel. Due to this it is possible to return your loss and win more. Theoretically, Martingale Betting System best works in case the gambler does not have betting limits and the size of his bankroll is nearly infinite. But actually no roulette player can play under such conditions. Of course, it is only up to you to decide whether or not this strategy suits your style of gambling.

Anti-Martingale system

This system is similar to Martingale method but the basic idea says that you increase your bet every time you win but not when lose. It is quite optimistic method, cause if it works the roulette player receives bigger winnings that may cover all the losses.

Labouchere System

This system is based on the writing down the numbers and betting on the first and last numbers. Therefore you cross these numbers off and bet on the next first and last remaining numbers. In case your bet is not winning, you should write the numbers back at the end of the line.

The d'Alembert Betting System

This system is also one of the most trusty roulette betting systems. It says that no one has a great chance to win twice. So it is better to take one chip off the table after every win. The same is about loss: add a chip to the bet every time you win. The general idea of this system says that the roulette wheel has no memory and with each spin the roulette player has the equal probabilities to win and lose.

Parlay System

This betting system is the simplest one, it says to leave the bet or part of the initial bet) as it is plus the winnings. Certainly, it can’t be the whole sum of money you win but the main idea is that you increase your winning probabilities by betting more money.

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