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Craps Online - Game Rules and Details

Craps in one of the most famous casino games with easy rules and simple gameplay. Four people run the game of Craps, the stickman, two dealers and a box man. The number of players at one table can be different.

Game Running

Rules and game play of craps are very simple. The game starts when all players place bets. The variety of the is very huge, and if you do not know how all of them are called, the dealer will help you to place the correct bet. Playing craps in online casinos you will also find lots of tips that will help you to place a right bet.

When all the bets are places, one of the players (who is called a shooter) roles a pair of dices and throws them at the table. The number at the dices is the winning one, and according to it, and the bets placed by players, the results are determined.


The system of bets in craps game is very wide. In order to play game with maximum winning chances it is better to understand how the bets are placed and what are their differences.

For the player who is a shooter in a certain game round, there two major types of bets to choose – Pass Line Bet and Don’t Pass Bet. The first one is for shooter’s winning, the second one – for losing. There are also Come and Don’t Come bet.

Many players prefer to choose single rill bets, that are also called services bets. These bets can be the following: 2 (Aces, Snake Eyes), 3, Yo Bet (11), 12 (Boxcars, Midnight, Cornrows), Any Craps (one of the numbers 2, 3, 12 is hit), etc. Some of the singe bets are placed at some particular number, while other work with several different numbers, or even groups of numbers, to give player more chances to win.

There are also multi-roll type of bets and players bets. All of them have absolutely different odds, and before you decide to place some of them, it is better to check out game odds, to make sure that your chances to win will be high enough.

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