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Video Poker - How to Play Game

It is not very difficult to learn how to play video poker as the rules of the game are extremely simple, and this actually brought the popularity of video poker games, and brought them on the top place among other casino entertainments. Despite of the fact that the video poker game is to play, the winnings offered are really attractive, as you can win progressive jackpot playing them. Of course, you will also find games that offer non-progressive prize with higher chances of winning. The only distinction is that in progressive machines the jackpot is progressive, thus it grows until one of the players is lucky to win. But pay attention, as a rule the payoffs on the progressive arcades are less than payoffs at the regular machines. This is caused by the increasing jackpot that’s why before choosing the video poker machine think over what kinds of games may be more profitable for your tastes.


Actually, for the first-time players we recommend to search for the games with the maximum five credits wagers to learn how to play video poker. Only then the player may move to the machines with the higher minimum wagers. So, you have chosen the variant and now should bet with one or several credits. The most significant difference between video poker and the ordinary poker game is that the player has the chance to play only against machine but not the other gamblers. That’s why video poker is so simple and absorbing - you gamble against machine the game is considered to be a bit individual and the result is dependent just on your actions.

So, you insert the coin or money into the machine and press the “deal” or “draw” button. Five cards are dealt, and you can see the hand on the screen. It is up to you to decide which cards must be kept and when you choose the “hold” option the special marks are put under the selected cards to show that they are held. Remember, that there are no limits on the amount of cards to discard whether one card or none. Then you push the ”draw” button for the second time and the cards that were not kept are traded in by the other cards and you receives the final hand on which the result of the game is determined.

Five Steps to Play Game

1. The gambler makes bet.

2. Five cards are dealt.

3. The player chooses the cards to be kept.

4. The machine changes the cards in the hand except those which are kept.

5. The card combination is valued and the player is paid off if he wins.

In fact, there are many various types of video poker in which the rules are different though the general idea remains the same. So, now when you did learn how to play video poker you are able to start one of the simplest and most thrilling gambling games!

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