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Whether you are new to casino games or are playing for many years, you may be not familiar with interesting facts about most games. Of course, this materials are not vital for playing confidently and cannot improve your gameplay, but we consider it to be quite exciting among all gambling articles. So, do you know that?...

Gambling – Nothing Boring!

  • Roulette game was developed by the notorious scientist Blaise Pascal. The conception of the wheel appeared as a result of the series of tests that were held by the scientist Blaise Pascal with the aim to invent the perpetual motion machine. Certainly, the look and gaming instructions were improved later, however it is believed that the invention of the roulette was made by the genius mathematician.
  • Four Kings used in the usual deck of cards stand for the real kings from various cultures. King of clubs represents Alexander the Great, the King of spades is for legendary king David, while the King of diamonds represents Julius Caesar and at last Charles the Great is depicted by the King of hearts. Thus, all the suits represent the different historical cultures: clubs stands for Greece, spades - for the Middle East, diamonds - for Rome while hearts - for the Roman Empire.
  • The original slot machine was invented by Charles Fey in 1899 in San Francisco. The first slots were based on poker and had free cigars and beer for the payouts. Soon when the cards were replaced by various symbols all slots included three drums and most of the slots were the so-called "Bell Machines" because they included the Liberty Bell symbol.
  • The famous BAR symbol featured at the traditional slots machine came from the logotype of the Bell Fruit company which supplied chewing gum prizes for slots. Furthermore, because the bubble gums rewarded at slot machines had different fruit flavors all the machines were called the "Fruit Machines".
  • The original dice made of the animal bones were used just with the aim to forecast the future events. These lucky cubes were the basic device to find the answers on the most important questions about the future events and were used by foretellers. The oldest dice discovered by the archaeologists on the territory of Iraq were made of the clay and are about 5,000 years old.
  • The casino chips valued $2.50 are used at all gambling halls in the USA only at blackjack. Get to know more about this fascinating game with the help of detailed blackjack information.
  • As you know, online and offline gambling causes addiction. In the USA, where there is the largest number of gamblers, on average 24% adults confirmed that they took part in different gambling activities.
  •  The Eiffel Tower situated in Las Vegas is twice smaller than the original one in Paris.
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