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Video Poker - Blinds and Antes Bets

Besides the general betting rules and strategies, players, who play regular poker and wager against other players rather than the computer, need to know as much as possible about the poker bets, that are called Blind and Ante. In this article we are going to cover basic information about these games to help you understand video poker better.

Ante Bets

Before the cards show up, the players wager the equal amount of chips into the pot. These forced bets are called the antes. As a rule, the gamblers bet one unit or the smallest sum in the game. Ante bets are often used in the stud poker games and tournaments, and these bets are performed to make each gambler who folds the cards lose some money even if the amount is very small. This is like incentive for other gamblers who have better hands and continue the game. In the games with the blinds, the players who are not to place blinds, can fold the cards with no loss but if the antes were made more gamblers stay in the game. Moreover, the size of pot raises and the players are drawn by the possibility to win more. Ante bets are uncommon in the poker games with video poker blinds.


Blind is a forced bet performed before the card are dealt as a rule by two poker players. This stimulates further bets during the game. There exist two types of video poker blinds. The so-called normal bet is called big blind and is placed by the gambler sitting at two positions after the dealer. The first player, who sits immediately after the dealer, bets the half of big blind and this wager is known as small blind. This structure is typical for community games for example in famous Texas Hold’em poker game. But actually, the number of blinds may be different. For example, in Omaha poker there are three video poker blinds one of which is to be placed by the dealer. In some poker types only one blind bet is placed and it is sometimes called "price of winning". The size of big blind corresponds to the betting minimum. Though, through the game the size of big blind can be increased. In any case, the variation of the game and its betting rules indicates the big blind amount and the ante size.

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