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Roulette - Rules, Payouts, Game Objects

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games, and it has several variations, that are loved by players, and frequently are called as the best games ever. In European and French Roulette version, roulette table has 37 slots with single zero but in the USA version it has additional double zero pocket, and the total number of pockets is 38. The game running may be described in the following way – you choose number you think can bring you a win, place the bet on it, and what until the outcome of the game is known. After all bets are on the table, the dealer spins the wheel and launches the playing ball.

Details of the Game Running

When the ball stops at the certain pocket, the croupier places the dolly on winning number, and the loosing bets are removed. The dealer exchanges the color chip of the winner with special chip with value printed on it which can be enchased at the counter for real money. Winners are those who have hit the right number. In case of a single zero the house has an advantage of 2.7% but with double zero roulette tables it shots up to 5.26%.

In French and European roulette variations, players have some additional opportunities to save their money. En prison is even money bet rule of the roulette. This is advantageous in some form to the players. According to this rule, if the ball falls on zero then the player is allowed to take half his bet back or prison it for another spin of the wheel, and this time again if it falls on the zero, the bet is considered lost. The famous la Partage rule is very similar to the mentioned en Prison rule and it states that if it falls on zero, half of bet is gone and it doesn't hold the option for keeping half bet for next spin.

Payouts and Objective

The payouts of the game are quite simple like having straight -up bet with a single number pays up to 35 to 1.

The split bet is a double number bet paying up to 17 to 1, and the street bet or the tree number bet pays around 11 to 1.

Corner bet is a four numbered bet which gives the payment in 8 to 1 whereas the six numbers bets usually pays at 5 to 1.

There can also be bet outside or the even money bets that pays for 1 to 1.Besides, among outside bets you will find bets that are placed on groups of numbers places closely on the wheel.

Casino visitors know that roulette is more of a game of luck but some players follow several strategies on putting their bets. Some people bet on those numbers which are coming time and again popularly called hot numbers while others play the numbers which don't come up thinking that they will pop up in the coming spin. Of course, you should not follow recommendation that state that you should act in this way, as in roulette no one can predict the outcome.

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